What Is Online Mastering

With all the advancement in technology, almost everything can be done through the internet. From ordering your lunch to getting your musical requirements done. One of the things that have become quite popular for the music industry is online mastering.

Online mastering is the process of getting your audio music done through the internet. Your music can be sent to an online mastering service where they create a master for the audio file that has been provided to them. There are two kinds of online mastering that are currently available.

Here are the two ways of online mastering that is available to musicians around the world:

  1. Online Mastering with an Engineer

Here, the process allows the musician to send the audio file and constantly work with an engineer. The mastering is done by the musician and engineer collaborating with each other. With the musician’s input on how the music he or she desires it to sound, the engineer makes the adjustment to the different aspects and characteristics of the audio file that has been provided to him. The communication can be done via a live call or through a chat.

This approach is a lot more expensive but can provide a broader approach in doing the masters. The musician can make specific requests on how the frequency or gain can be adjusted to perfectly fit how the musician wants the music to sound like. (read more here: https://studios301.com/)

Online mastering allows the musician to have the same experience as an actual mastering where the musician visits a studio. The difference is that the musician doesn’t have to get in a car to drive to the studio for the mastering services of his audio file. It has proven to be effective and allowing convenience for both musician and engineer.

  1. Automated Online Mastering

Automated online mastering is a much simpler approach that can help a musician create masters by submitting their audio files through the internet. The difference this approach has is the use of presets available to the user or musician upon submitting their audio file online. An engineer is no longer present to receive and accept the desired change that the musician requires. Any modification or improvement that the musician requires will have to be done using the presets available.

This approach can be found to be cheaper than having an engineer involved. The presets can be applied to the musician’s desired outcome. A significant approach that this method lacks is the precise setting a musician may have. The audio outcome that may be desired may not be exact to what the musician may want. They will have to live with the nearest preset outcome if this method would be used.

Working on your music is essentially one of the most fulfilling experience that you may have. It is essential to find the best service and method that can help you obtain the desired outcome and the best experience. Musicians can now engage in mastering their music with providers whom they believe are best suited but are far from their location. The advantage of having technology within your reach.

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